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Many countries have already begun their quest to set up smart cities. The idea behind creating these cities revolves around four main aspects – smart city infrastructure, green structures, E-governance and safety. MM International offers an in-depth insight into each of these essential segments in order to better understand the subject.

Smart cities are not only about advanced technologies but also about optimising resources efficiently in a more liveable and sustainable city.
Smart cities are not only about advanced technologies but also about optimising resources efficiently in a more liveable and sustainable city.
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Take action, before it’s too late! Our world is facing numerous challenges today such as global warming, population growth, and depleting natural resources. It is in this scenario, that the vision to develop smart cities has become all the more important. Smart cities are not only about advanced technologies but also about optimising resources efficiently in a more liveable and sustainable city. In this context, we reveal four core aspects that revolve around smart cities:

Smart city infrastructure:

Technology plays a crucial role in developing a smart city as all the different segments in an urban set up such as public transport, water, electricity, mobility, solid waste management, sanitation, and IT services are dominated by numerous technological innovations such as Big Data, Internet of Things (IOT) and machine learning. These new-age solutions are responsible for improving services and infrastructure in the city. For instance, San Diego in the USA installed more than 3,000 smart street lights that can optimise traffic and enhance public safety. The connected street lights are equipped with real time anonymous sensors, cameras, microphones and function via an IOT network. Due to the incorporation of these technologies, the street lights can now measure air quality, locate vacant parking spaces, and even monitor traffic flow of cars and pedestrians.

Green structures:

In a smart city, the buildings will also be designed in a manner that it lowers costs and increases environmental sustainability. The superior green buildings will be able to consume and produce clean energy through which smart appliances and hybrid vehicles can be powered. A live example is Zaha Hadid’s and Pride Architects’ Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye project which is expected to come up in Moscow, Russia. The sustainable smart city will be constructed on 460-hectares and will comprise a mixed residential, business and culture hub. The smart city aims to promote the establishment of a technology-based urban environment integrated with nature and man-made systems. The EDF Group, one of the leaders in low-carbon energy will provide a planning services platform to develop 3D simulations of energy for the project. The platform will help in optimising the consumption and production of energy. It will also support the development and deployment of electric mobility, and new technologies and services.


A smart city will roll out diverse government services online thus, making the process transparent and hassle-free for its citizens. It will also welcome feedback from its residents for improving the system. Through this move, the government makes sure that its residents are actively participating in the overall system and are satisfied with its services.

Safe zone:

Crime proves dangerous for people especially for families residing in apartments. Smart cities are intelligently equipped with surveillance cameras which make it difficult for criminals to escape, thus reducing the crime rates and ensuring safety of its residents. The goal of creating smart cities is ultimately to create a more liveable, safe and happy place for its residents.

Smart cities will pave the way for cities of the future and also ensure that the ecological balance is maintained. With so many benefits, the development of smart cities across the globe deserves a huge cheer!

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