Event spotlight FarragTech's MAP XS: Designed to dehumidify moulds

Editor: Ahlam Rais

FarragTech has plans to highlight its latest addition – the Mould Area Protector XS at Fakuma 2018 in Germany. The advantages of this solution include dehumidifying moulds, ensuring sweat-free production throughout the year as well as low maintenance.

The Mould Area Protector XS (MAP XS) is expected to be one of FarragTech’s product highlights at Fakuma 2018.
The Mould Area Protector XS (MAP XS) is expected to be one of FarragTech’s product highlights at Fakuma 2018.
(Source: FarragTech)

Organised by P. E. Schall, Fakuma, the international trade fair for plastics processing will be held from October 16–20, 2018 at Friedrichshafen, Germany. The show aims to update industry players on the most recent happenings around the globe. The who’s who of the industry along with visitors from different countries looking for sourcing plastic technologies will be present at this trade fair. Hence, this proves to be the ideal platform for companies to show what they can offer to this specialised target audience.

FarragTech at Fakuma 2018

FarragTech, the Austria-based company which specialises in the plastics periphery will be exhibiting its latest and state-of-the-art technologies at Fakuma 2018. Amongst the many innovations that the firm will be putting on display at the event, the Mould Area Protector XS (MAP XS) is expected to be one of its product highlights. The solution is the latest addition to the firm’s Mould Area Protector portfolio.

According to the company, moulded plastic products are usually cooled using cold water in the cavity of the mould. However, lowering the chilled water temperature below the dew point of the ambient air causes condensation on the mould surface. The moisture can lead to defects in the moulded product and permanently damage the mould itself or drastically reduce its service life – waste and higher operating costs are the result. However, raising the chilled water temperature increases the cooling time, slows down the manufacturing process, and reduces overall productivity.

Mould Area Protector XS

To address this problem, the company has come up with the MAP XS. The core plus points of this solution is that it requires low maintenance; it has been designed to dehumidify moulds and ensure sweat-free production throughout the year even under tropical conditions and addition of antifreeze to the cooling water is not necessary.

With the assistance of this solution, filtered and dry air is supplied to the mould which is sealed off from the ambient air. Following this, cold water with a temperature of 6 degrees is also supplied. Next, with the help of a blower in the MAP unit, the ambient air is sucked in and dust particles are removed by a filter. The ambient air is then cooled with cold water.

This ensures that moisture is removed from the air. The present air is then chilled to about 3 °C which leads to further loss in moisture and the air then develops a dewpoint of about 3°C. This cold air is reheated in the condenser and refrigeration compressor of the BAC is also cooled. At around 25 °C, the dry air can now absorb moisture again so that no condensation can form in the mould area. The air is channeled through pipelines into the enclosed moulding cabin.

This innovation along with many others technologies are expected to attract the attention of numerous industry players at Fakuma. Hence, if you belong to the plastics processing industry, this is the place to be!

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