Market report European compounding industry continuing its growth course

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The economy in Europe continues its growth path and the expansion of the use of plastics components in the automotive and domestics appliances sectors have positively influenced the European plastics industry.

Compounding sites by country in Europe.
Compounding sites by country in Europe.
(Source: AMI)

UK-based AMI (Applied Market Infiormation Ltd.) has recently released its latest database on compounders in Europe, which includes comprehensive information on a total of 720 sites in Europe.

Germany as Europe's leading compounds producer

The compounding industry continues to play a key role in the European plastics economy with growth and investment in the compounding industry. Europe's largest producer of compounds, Germany, has been investing to expand its capacity. In 2017, Lehmann & Voss laid the foundation for a € 4.5 million laboratory and technical centre, while Delta Kunststoffe invested in a new twin extruder, AMI reports.

According to AMI, Europe's largest production markets, Germany and Italy, and smaller producing countries have a noticeable compounding industry. The Benelux region notes a rather large production volume compared to the overall size of its polymer market, thanks to many international companies using it as a base to supply the European market. These countries also have substantial compounding operations operated by the polymer producers. Whilst integrated compounders account for only 10% of the companies operating in Europe, they supply almost nearly half of all compounded polymers (excluding masterbatch).

Eastern and Central Europe

Furthermore, Eastern and Central Europe have been attracting companies capitalising on lower labour and operating costs. Investments in the compounding industry have been growing with OEM manufacturers investing in the these regions especially in the automotive and domestic appliances sectors. A. Schulman announced, end of last year, the addition of new extruders at its facilities in Poland and Hungary, whilst increased exports have been recorded by European machinery producers last year. Poland and the Czech Republic were both ranked in the top 10 for export markets in 2017.

Compounding sites by country in Europe.
Compounding sites by country in Europe.
(Source: AMI)


AMI’s database of compounders in Europe provides contact and production details on the 720 sites producing compounds or masterbatches, including address, telephone and website details, along with polymers compounded, types of compounds and masterbatches produced and machinery information.

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