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Euroblech insight: Digitalisation, lightweight construction and E-mobility

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Three exclusive white papers focusing on concepts such as digitalisation, lightweight construction and E-mobility are available on EuroBLECH’s website.
Three exclusive white papers focusing on concepts such as digitalisation, lightweight construction and E-mobility are available on EuroBLECH’s website. (Source: Mack Brooks Exhibitions)

This year, the mega show has introduced three white papers focusing on the latest industry trends including digitalisation, lightweight construction and E-mobility. The papers will prove beneficial for the participants to understand these concepts in a more effective manner.

Euroblech is one of the world’s largest exhibitions for industry players dealing in the sheet metal working industry. Scheduled to be held from October 23–26, 2018 at Hannover in Germany, the event not only showcases the best technologies in the market for this specialised sector but also keeps its visitors and exhibitors updated on the most recent developments in the industry via interesting competitions and white papers.

Step into digital reality

For instance, Mack Brooks Exhibitions , the organisers of the trade fair, are hosting an online competition once again but this time under the theme – ‘Step into the digital reality’ . The competition comprises of five main categories: Digital Transformation, 25 Euroblech Shows, Cyber Security, Best Start-up category and E-Mobility. Through this contest, the event aims at felicitating the most exceptional best practices, innovations, excellence, outstanding performance by individuals or organisations.

Schunk’s contemporary products

Product line

Schunk’s contemporary products

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In addition to this, three exclusive white papers focusing on concepts such as digitalisation, lightweight construction and E-mobility have also been made available for the event’s visitors and exhibitors. All the core topics play a significant role in today’s sheet metal working sector. Digitalisation assist machines to network with each other and carry out work without any difficulty. The concept also enables project managers to increase productivity and reduce downtime in an Industry 4.0 set up. Hence, it is not suprising that the concept is a hit across all the leading countries in the machine tool sector such as China, Germany, Japan, USA and Italy.

Lightweight construction

On the other hand, lightweight construction is one of the most popular buzz words among the automobile industry. There is a growing trend to develop more lightweight, efficient and eco-friendly vehicles to reduce pollution. In such a scenario, it becomes all the more important for industry players to understand the dynamics of this concept along with the right technologies to be used as well as its respective challenges.

The rise of grinding machines

Market insight

The rise of grinding machines

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Supporting the lightweight construction idea, the subject of E-mobility also plays a crucial role. E-mobility poses multiple challenges for the sheet metal working sector and one has to be careful while selecting the manufacturing process as well as the materials required for manufacturing electric cars. Hence, it becomes all the more important to educate industry players about the implications and benefits of adopting E-mobility in their processes.

Euroblech offers in-detail information about the three topics along with the latest trends of this growing sector. For the benefit and convenience of the visitors, the white papers can be accessed free of charge on the trade fair’s website www.euroblech.com. This also enables busy industry players who are unable to attend the show get an insight into contemporary solutions and concepts.

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