Hannover Messe 2019 Enough charge for a hundred kilometres in minutes: storage-based 320 kW fast charging solution now available

Editor: Theresa Knell

Strong demand due to E-Mobility: The “High Power Charger” 320 kW DC fast charge technology, said to give the shortest of charging times even in limited-power distribution networks, is already available from ADS-Tec.

The “Power Booster” compact outdoor battery system delivers high power to fast charging stations and is recharged at low power.
The “Power Booster” compact outdoor battery system delivers high power to fast charging stations and is recharged at low power.
(Source: ADS-TEC)

ADS-Tec is showing at the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion (Hall 27, Booth H75) what it calls the world’s leading 320 kW DC fast charging technology, “High Power Charger”, with the shortest of charging times, even in a limited-power distribution network, thanks to a high performance battery.

For today’s and tomorrow’s electric vehicles

Based on decades of experience, this specialist from Nürtingen develops and produces high-quality lithium ion battery storage systems with energy management systems. Starting with 19, 28 and 47 kWh for larger private units or businesses, the storage solutions reach multi-MW powers for industry and infrastructure.

In the near future, ADS-Tec anticipates strong demand for battery-based charging systems for e-mobility. There will be many more electricity filling stations than conventional filling stations because in the future people will harvest and consume their energy themselves. This is mainly happening in the limited-power distribution network, where investment in expensive network improvements usually does not make sense, the maker tells us. The decisive feature of the HPC fast charging solution for existing and future e-vehicles, according to ADS-Tec, is the extremely compressed, cube -shaped “HPC-Booster” storage system, occupying a floor space of less than 1.5 m².

High-performance fast charging stations

With “HPC-Dispenser” fast charging stations, a DC charging power of up to 320 kW is possible. This means that charging for several hundred kilometres of travel can be done in a few minutes. The system is said to enable easy integration and to use the existing distribution network effectively and without elaborate enhancement work. Due to its very compact dimensions, integration is easy even in inner-city areas. Noise during charging has been reduced, making it optimal for residential areas. This new development resulted from cooperation with the Porsche Engineering Group.

Another easy-to-integrate solution offered by ADS-Tec is its “Power Booster” compact outdoor battery system. This likewise delivers high power to fast charging stations, but is recharged at low powers from the available mains connection. Here, too, the firm succeeded in avoiding elaborate intermediate voltage installations, additional building costs and expensive extending of the distribution system.

Mini-container system for overloaded networks

The Power Booster can be set up almost anywhere and connected to the 400 volt mains supply. Energy providers and local distributors are already using the Power Booster successfully during temporary overloading of distribution networks resulting from volatile generators and consumers, such as photovoltaic installations and electric vehicles.

In addition, this storage specialist is showing its complete product portfolio of scalable battery storage systems for home, business, industry and infrastructure, as well as its own cloud-based IT systems. Various energy management tools help with planning, take over monitoring, remote maintenance and data analysis during ongoing operations, and facilitate integration.

Visit ADS-Tec Energy GmbH at Hannover Messe 2019 in Hall 27, Booth H75.

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