Hannover Messe 2019 Energy efficiency: Vacuum technology for industry

Editor: Theresa Knell

At the Comvac, Leybold presents vacuum technology for industrial processes. Exhibits include the pump models Dryvac DV 200 and DV 300.

Leybold’s new vacuum pumps are also equipped for tough industrial applications.
Leybold’s new vacuum pumps are also equipped for tough industrial applications.
(Source: Leybold)

The latest products in Leybold’s portfolio of industrial dry pumps are the Dryvac DV 200 and DV 300. These supplement the already existing product palette of the Dryvac 450, 650 and 1200 models and, like their predecessors, the firm tells us, meet the same needs in applications which require compact units.

This series of dry compressing screw vacuum pumps has been developed for the new era of intelligent production. “All models are therefore equipped with smart features and functions,” we hear from the specialists at Leybold. “As a result, they offer high energy efficiency, long service lifetimes and future-secure network integration.”

Suitable devices for demanding applications

Using a screw design with variable pitch, the DV 200 and 300 cut power consumption, save costs and reduce CO2 emissions. This makes these Dryvac more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than comparable models.

Like the other units in the Dryvac range, is pumps are designed for especially demanding industrial applications. They therefore guarantee long service lifetimes, even in environments with high air humidity, dust and pollutants. “Dryvac are furthermore distinguished by minimal maintenance and simple cleaning of the water cooling passages,” the supplier says. “The DV 200 / 300 are equipped with automatic control of the shaft seals on the vacuum side, providing optimum protection for seals and bearings.”

Pumps can be integrated simply into the installation network

Fieldbus and PLC compatibility in these devices enables interconnection with other installations in networks for real-time communication and control. Direct operation is also possible using a computer or handheld device. Support for various Fieldbus protocols is said to enable great flexibility.

On each DV 200 / 300 there are socket connections for an I/O and RS485 interface. “Protocol support for Ethernet / IP, Profinet, Profibus and Ethercat is achieved straightforwardly using optional cards,” the maker emphasises.

Visit Leybold GmbH at Hannover Messe in Hall 26, Booth E10.

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