Product Spotlight Emsens – the embedded vision sensor solution for the control cabinet

Editor: Steffen Donath

Emsens is a combination of a single board computer like Odroid XU4 or Pine and the Basler dart board level USB 3.0 camera. This embedded vision system has many advantages. It contains all components of the on-board image acquisition including Eyevision image processing software. Emsens is very easy to install in a control cabinet in a DIN rail housing.

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EmSens is a small, compact solution with a small footprint.
EmSens is a small, compact solution with a small footprint.
(Source: EVT)

The Basler dart camera has a CS-Mount or S-Mount thread or is also available without mount. The user can choose between gray scale and colour sensors and three different resolutions. Emsens comes complete with the single-board computer with USB 3.0 connection like Odroid XU4 or Pine. For both ARM systems there is the Eyevision software with the possibility on full function range. Thus the system can be adapted to individual needs and extended by additional image processing functions.

Eyevision has ready-made commands to solve applications such as metrology, pattern matching, object counting (BLOB), code reading (barcode, DMC, QR, OCR/OCV), color inspection, surface inspection, completeness checking, etc.

There is no difference in the software interface between the PC version and the ARM version. With the Eyevision software, the user can continue to create inspection programs on the graphical user interface with drag-and-drop programming. No programming knowledge is required.

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