Industry solutions Emag to impress metal working industry

Author / Editor: Ahlam Rais / Ahlam Rais

The firm is keen to display some of its recent innovations at the AMB exhibition to attract potential business leads: the VL1 twin-spindle pick-up turning center, the Emag Service Plus app and many other solutions.

Equipped with dual core spindles, the VL1 twin-spindle pick-up turning center is capable of machining two components at the same time.
Equipped with dual core spindles, the VL1 twin-spindle pick-up turning center is capable of machining two components at the same time.
(Source: Emag)

Manufacturing systems for precision metal components – the Emag Group is well recognised for this. The medium-sized company offers highly efficient, flexible and innovative solutions that meet the requirements of its customers over a long period of time. To spread awareness about its latest products and technologies among its customers in the market, Emag will be exhibiting at the Stuttgart-based international trade fair for metal working, AMB. The high profile event is expected to attract large number of footfalls from Europe and around the globe.

Twin-spindle pick-up turning center

The VL1 twin-spindle pick-up turning center can handle components up to 75 millimeters in diameter and is used to carry out production of cams, sleeves, gears, etc. Equipped with dual core spindles (9.9 kW/136 Nm at 40 % duty cycle), the machine is capable of identifying two identical workpieces from the conveyor belt, picking them up, placing them into the machining area and then machining the two components at the same time. The process leads to substantial increase in output quantities and lower unit costs. Accurate precision, dynamics and process reliability are some of the highlights of the twin-spindle pick-up turning center.

It is interesting to note that the diameter and length (X/Z directions) of both the components can be corrected independently of each other, since the movement of the headstocks is entirely autonomous. The linear motor in the X-axis combined with the direct distance measuring system (linear scale) deliver greater dynamics, repeatability and long-term accuracy in the simultaneous sequence. Mineralit polymer concrete is used to create the solid machine base which contains size 45 recirculating roller guide rails for the required stability during the turning process.

The firm’s Track Motion automation system enables one to link multiple VL 1 twin machines or implement the machine in multi-technology production lines. High process reliability ensures smooth manufacturing of complete cam parts, planetary or sun gears, sleeves or roller bearing rings.

Efficient applications

Emag will also be displaying numerous software tools for controlling, predicting and monitoring production. For instance, the application ‘Multi Machine Monitor’ offers an overview of all the machines in production. Next is the ‘Machine Status’ application that provides key figures which allows one to draw conclusions about the level of productivity. The company has now simplified its operations and will be displaying live demonstrations at the show.

Service Plus app

In addition to this, the firm will also be demonstrating the new Emag Service Plus app for smart phones and tablets. One of the main benefits of this app is quick service in the case of technical issues. Via this app, the machine operator only has to scan the QR code on the machine and then use the software to book a service call back or inquire about spare parts. Machine operators can also record the exact problem which they are facing with the machine or a specific part with the assistance of their mobile phones and directly show it to the expert technician. This process enables the technicians to identify the exact problem with the machine.

These are just a few, there are many other stunning products and solutions that will be exhibited live in Hall 4, Stand 4B51 at AMB. With this, Emag expects to attract the attention of existing as well as potential customers from around the world at its booth.

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