Cutting tools Efficient grooving and parting-off series by Mitsubishi Materials

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Mitsubishi Materials has expanded its range of turning tools to include a new series of grooving and parting-off tools, the GW series.

The block and key set from Mitsubishi Materials' GW series.
The block and key set from Mitsubishi Materials' GW series.
(Source: Mitsubishi Materials)

Japan-based Mitsubishi Materials says that the prerequisites in the design phase of the GW series were simplicity, efficiency, high quality and performance. In this series, the tool blade is clamped to the insert without any screws. A unique wrench can easily remove and replace the insert. For added security and rigidity, its reverse taper geometry prevents extraction during machining. The design also incorporates three large convex location faces for precise insert location repeatability, and in combination with a small location key even increases reliability during machining, the company notes.

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Two through coolant holes positioned close to the cutting edge simultaneously supply cutting fluid to the rake and flank faces. This provides effective cooling and lubrication for increased wear resistance to enable longer tool life and lower costs for the end user, Mitsubishi adds. Up to seven MPa coolant pressure can be used to provide the best conditions for reducing heat generation.

Also, six coolant ports on the tool block facilitate easy input configuration for the coolant. Further flexibility and ease of use is provided by the elongated coolant outlet that feeds into the blade. The overhang length is also easily set by using the simple scale etched onto the blade. A wide range of overhang settings within the zone clearly marked on the tool block and blade can be fed with coolant via the elongated supply ports.

Mitsubishi offers six high-tech coated grades for use on a range of applications and materials from alloy and stainless steel, as well as cast iron through to difficult-to-cut materials. The versatile PVD coated VP20RT inserts are versatile and suitable for multi-material use, which saves inventory costs. Other grades include MY5015 for steel and cast iron machining of up to 300m/min, the VP10RT grade for harder-range steels, stainless steel, heat resistant and titanium alloys. Two different chip breakers are offered, the GS type for both parting off and grooving and the GM type that specialises in high-performance parting off. All inserts are available in widths from 2mm to 5mm.

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