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The company has plans to display the new versions of its existing software – COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF at Euroblech 2018 for the sheet metal industry. Both the software ensures process optimisation and efficiency enhancement for project managers and operators.

To make a strong presence at the show, Data M will be showcasing its latest versions of the COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF software.
To make a strong presence at the show, Data M will be showcasing its latest versions of the COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF software.
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The software company, Data M which specialises in the sheet metal processing industry will be exhibiting at Euroblech 2018, the 25th edition of the international sheet metal working technology exhibition. The four-day event is expected to begin from October 23 in Hannover, Germany and will attract cutting-edge technologies from some of the leading companies across the globe.

To make a strong presence at the show, Data M will be showcasing its latest versions of the COPRA RF and COPRA FEA RF software. The software have been incorporated with many new additions including the new‘Automatic Report’ feature. With the assistance of this feature the verification procedure of the specific roll forming process can be reduced, thus saving time.

COPRA FEA RF software

The COPRA FEA RF software is also equipped with various auxiliary functions and customisable templates which facilitate quick and automated breakdown of results. This proves beneficial for project managers and designers as it offers them with numerous analysing possibilities. Hence, ensuring process optimisation and efficiency enhancement. One of the highlights of the COPRA FEA RF 2019 software is that it pre-processes the results of the simulation geared to the respective target group.

This function enables the project manager to keep a track of the process and even select the desired detailed result quantities due to the reproducible templates. In addition to this, a tailored report for the operator can also be accessed which provides detailed information about the concerned manufacturing process. The results can even be broken down according to the specific parameters of interest of each individual station.


The other revamped software to be displayed at Euroblech is the COPRA RF 2019. Just like the COPRA FEA RF 2019, this software too has many fresh additions. For instance, users can now mark coated or visible areas of a cross section. This becomes possible as the primary material is often delivered with already coated surfaces that must not be damaged by the subsequent shaping process. Also, due to the possibility of cutting in points of intersection, the design of the flower and roll tools has also been shortened.

Apart from this, roll dimensioning can also be laid out in tabular form with the coordinates of the contour points. For example, if one manufactures round and rectangular tubes, the COPRA RF 2019 software will automatically generate a four-roll-welding-pass. With this, the axis configurator allows for saving and loading of the axis positions related to each individual project. These positions can be kept up to date and also kept safely in the machine and the project in line with the ‘digital-twin’ idea.

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