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Czech Republik: MAPAL grows beyond the country

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Since the technical Managing Director gives great importance to promptness: "The competition in Czech Republic is very high. We compete not only with the international tools manufactureres, but also with local service providers. We offer local presence and thus can respond fast in a flexible manner to our customers." This promptness is also the reason to set up a local production in Czech Republic in addition to the sales. Other important aspects are reliability and quality.

Thus, not even the size of the market makes Czech Republic favourable for Mapal. Pokorný mentioned two reasons for the high commitment: "Firstly, a comprehensive competitive environment obtains a very high technical level. This means if the products hold up in this environment, then there is a very high chance that these become successful also in other, big markets. Secondly, Czech Republic is the optimal bridge through the language, history and mentality to connect different business environments between West- and East Europe."

Human factor is important for the success in Czech Republic

Since the human factor plays a vital role according to the information provided by Pokorný. "Many our customers are happy that they can communicate with their suppliers in the local language. Thus, they revert to local companies; however, have knowledge of international Mapal-group in the background. In addition, it is also important to know that the mentality and type of communication of people from Czech Republic and Slovakia are very different“, said the Managing Director of Mapal C&S.

Since the local customers would have become more important for Mapal over the years. "Since 1989, the local companies have successfully re-structured. These companies also gain international market shares", he said. He also sees particular potential in the subsidiaries of international companies, which have their office in Czech Republic or Slovakia and were the most important customers of Mapal C&S since long time: "On one hand, we continuously settle additional subsidiaries; on the other hand, we establish existing business relationships."

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Mapal indends to do much more in Czech Republic

Pokorný is optimistic for the future in Czech Republic: "We have many plans for the upcoming years. It is not only important to adhere to the quality and order volume and our short delivery time, but also to develop this still further. And we further wish to do everything to improve the processes and processing for our customers with the help of new ideas and projects. We find ourself in a continuous process of improvement even internally. Currently, we are working on a comprehensive information system for our sales representatives, based on SAP. Moreover, an expansion of our capacities is planned. We shall also hire employees for the tasks. Here, a combination of young employees and experienced employees has proved to be successful. Well-trained, qualified and motivated personnel is the basis for every successful company. To find and retain these employees is an additional part for the future of Mapal C&S."

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