Work Environment Czech Republic: Procrastination of our Future

Author / Editor: Roman Dvorak, Editor-in-Chief, Publisher, MM Industrial Spectrum, Czech Republic / Rosemarie Stahl

The era we are living in is an era where we proceed at breakneck speed. At the same time the pressure on the increase of effectiveness constantly grows.

Start-ups with experienced persons and young enthusiasts have to be established to have a future namely in the outlook for the growth of employment.
Start-ups with experienced persons and young enthusiasts have to be established to have a future namely in the outlook for the growth of employment.
(Photo: MM Industrial Spectrum, Czech Republic)

We are repeatedly searching for savings in spheres where earlier performed analyses showed satisfactory results because the principles of constant perfection and improvement lead us to return to analyses once performed. And this means the highest possible production in the highest possible quality in the shortest time and of course with lowest costs. Since the economic crisis firms began more frequently to ask whether they produce sufficiently effectively and what can they do to improve the profitability of their production.

It sounds really unbelievably but there are still many firms the owners or management engaged by stakeholders of which are not engaged with the profitability of their production. These saboteurs refuse, for their own personal gain, to perform any changes and repeatedly report to their superiors (and they again to their superiors) achievement of the highest possible effectiveness. They have weighty arguments for such behavior since they obtained the most advanced technologies for money from grants. And a professionally unqualified superior cannot see that they are utilized insufficiently...

This is a picture of the present world. We are at the extreme limits of the interval with no middle way. And besides this we have the fourth industrial revolution rushing on us promising that it will help us to replace missing people we were not able to train by our own example. And we have the highest rate of employment in our history. In the region of the Czech Republic where I come from 99 men in a hundred are employed. Only absolutely nonentities do not work. New jobs are opened – in the last two years 116 thousand jobs were opened in the Czech Republic. At present an extensive advertising campaign was started by Amazon which needs to occupy about 4000 posts and does its utmost to achieve it. A struggle starts for agency employees – higher wages are offered across all regions. And what will this make with the job market? The answer is quite obvious. Wages will grow constantly until they approach those of the advanced (above-average) regions. The trade unionists are beside themselves with joy – they will obviously demand further valorization of wages. Without them factories will not be able to hold people and mutual enticing will start. Let alone the arrival of a great investor into the region, e.g. the already above mentioned Amazon.

In spite of this it can be predicted that in the long-range horizon we are heading for a four day working week. It is obvious that demands will not grow endlessly. We will finally produce less with less personnel who will be substituted by a further level of automation. Europe, compared with the world, is on a low hour level: a Chinese and similarly an American annually work 1800 hours – however a Brit, Italian, Spaniard or Frenchman by one third less. Inactivity grows and the working hours on the old continent historically dwindle. If we will stay at home also on Fridays is now a subject of debates in pubs. The main topic now is to coordinate reasonably the growth of wages in a way that will leave firms resources for investments in automation and digitalization.

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