Times of change Czech Republic: From the deception to the disruption mode

Author / Editor: Roman Dvorak, Editor-in-Chief, Publisher, MM Industrial Spectrum, Czech Republic / Franziska Breunig

We are lucky (or misfortunate – as with a half-filled glass) to live in a period of great uncertainty and unknowns and at the same time also of challenges

Albert Einstein once told Thomas Alva Edison: “Education is not the learning of facts, but training the mind to think“.
Albert Einstein once told Thomas Alva Edison: “Education is not the learning of facts, but training the mind to think“.
(Source: Wikipedia)

New technologies, which are very near, represent innovations in the deceptive i.e. misleading mode. This means that besides a great number of essential advantages they also have disadvantages by which they deceive the market. They are still not ready for everyday use even if at first sight, and also due to edification, it would seem to be so. As an example we could mention autonomous automobiles, e-transport, etc. On the other hand smart electronics enables on-line monitoring of our physical and in principle mental condition, evaluates and predicts risks of potential failure. Here more than in any other sphere, and let us call it for example Health 4.0., the term “4.0“ can be declared by proofs. This moment we are not able to specify which innovations will be disruptive and will change the market and those which will remain to be a nine days´ wonder. This brings into our lives uncertainties which appear in all spheres of life. Among others in politics where there is neither a pronounced “left“ supported by students and pensioners nor a “right“ represented by the entrepreneurial sphere. We are becoming witnesses of an extreme political and ideological mess, where political parties from both sides are swarming around populist topics. History shows us on numerous expamples that just in such periods of uncertainty relatively strong structures were broken. Across politics, business and normal life.

We always have to look where brains supported by massive investments are concentrated. These are two certainties in any sphere pointing at relevant trends which are the subject of the highest wagers and can be an inspiration for us. Let us watch where innovative firms like Google, Amazon and recently also Tesla invest both eligible funding and efforts in lobbing, which firms in the Silicon Valley and in the Izraeli Silicon Wadi they support. They also have their misfires, but they are not essential. Let us be aware of what trends they support – these have a great chance to become disruptive. Let us not wager on particuclar firms – only one of them will win – but let us focus on those trends.

It is important to take a lesson from this and use it in private life, business, politics and party mentality. To define what is dangerous for an individual and the society and on the contrary what gives us an opportunity. Of course it is impossible to come to hate all existing activities, let us perform them continually as best as we can. But simultaneously let us prepare ourselves for the future within the framework of all that has been mentioned above. Then on the crossroad and at the right time let us change from a damaged road and a worn-out seat to a comfortable express train and an air cushion we built. No difference what sphere of business or charity activity is concerned.

There are great opportunities in these new trends and I believe that in spite of all which the domestic basic and applied research is reproached for, certain subjects still have enough creative ability, in spite of all mentioned above, to get the wind into their sails and not only be carried away by it but, in an ideal case, affect its direction. But always with humility and without excessive populism.

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