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Core Area Expanded

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In the middle of one of Europe's strongest economic regions

The Metav is, in Schäfer’s opinion, absolutely right with its location in Düsseldorf. With more than 23,000 firms in the top customer sectors alone, hundreds of thousands of technically informed users and a very high potential for investment, the Metav, at the centre of this market, one of the strongest industrial economic areas in Europe, is an absolute must.

It seems that only through a Metav do manufacturers of production technology reach the major part of their customers in North Rhine Westphalia and Benelux. “From the structural data for visitors, it is clear that customers from this industrial zone do not go to the AMB in Stuttgart, and only a small portion go to the EMO in Hannover,” Schäfer informs us.

The four new topics are closely related to the core topics of the Metav. They supplement the classical field of metal processing and address new target groups, who are however also interested in machine-tools and tools generally.

All four areas have growth potential, as market research shows. Competent sales partners with in-depth knowledge of the relevant markets support the VDW in structuring and expanding topics. Qualified partners from specialist associations and media guarantee that visitor target groups can be addressed individually. “We are convinced that the Metav gains from this concept and has thus become more attractive for exhibitors and visitors,” is VDW CEO Wilfried Schäfer’s summary. MM

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