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Ireland – At the third GTMA Manufacturing Solutions event in June, CG Tech will demonstrate Vericut to help manufacturers meet demands efficiently.

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Vericut's Force is a physics-based optimisation method that determines the maximum reliable feed rate for a given cutting condition.
Vericut's Force is a physics-based optimisation method that determines the maximum reliable feed rate for a given cutting condition.
(Source: CG Tech)

CG Tech will showcase how its industry leading technology, Vericut can help manufacturers meet efficiency demands and enable users achieve a competitive advantage.

The GTMA Manufacturing Solutions 2019 event, hosted at the Limerick Institute of Technology on 12 June, will bring companies together to provide a better understanding of new technologies and markets as well as create opportunities to do business together, either directly or as part of a robust supply chain to industry buyers or both, the organiser says.

CG Tech's latest version of Vericut machine simulation, verification and optimisation software will be presented at its booth. The software simulates all types of CNC machining, including mill/turn and multi-axis, drilling and trimming of composite parts, water jet, riveting and robots. It can operate independently or when integrated with leading CAD/CAM systems.

A key focus Vericut will demonstrate is efficiency improvements and productivity gains achieved with its comprehensive capabilities in five significant areas. These include avoiding costly collisions, scrap parts and broken tools as Vericut's virtual environment offers the programming of parts, determining their accuracy as well as verifying post-processed NC code for any CNC machine, offline at a workstation. Furthermore, the Vericut digital twin of any machine tool identically reflects the static and dynamic attributes of the user's real machine, which can rapidly speed up the introduction of new equipment onto the shop floor.

Close-up on the piston using Vericut.
Close-up on the piston using Vericut.
(Source: CG Tech)

Where capacity shortage is an issue, doing the prove-out process on a computer in the Vericut virtual world frees up CNC machines in round- the-clock production, while reducing costs and improving quality. Training programmers, operators and apprentice’s offline is also possible with Vericut..

Vericut optimises the CAM program to modify feed rates to make the tool path faster and more efficient, ensuring any parts are machined safely and in the least amount of time. With VVericut's Force optimisation module, machining times can be reduced by between 30-70 %, even for super-alloy metals.

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