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China: Q1-Q3 2015 Equipment Manufacture Industry

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Analysis and Prediction of Domestic Situation

Situation Analysis

As for domestic economy, Chinese economy enters a new normal situation where the economy is still in an optimistic trend although some fluctuations occurred. The situation is still controllable although there is a coexistence of many problems such as external demand shrinkage, aggregation of multiple internal conflicts, great downward pressure, insufficient total demand and excess production capacity and so on. China is carrying out a comprehensive reform to greatly adjust its demand structure, production structure, industrial organization structure, product structure and business model, some new growth points emerge and new growth powers are being formed.


In Q1 of this year, the growth rate of equipment industry declines drastically and the decline is far beyond expectation. In Q2 and Q3, the decline is somewhat decelerated and some industries already become warmer. Due to a small cardinal number in the last year, it is expected that in Q4 the industry will recover towards stabilization but the growth rate of the whole year will be lower than that in the last year.