Market Report China: Promotion of Network-connected Vehicle’s Standard Construction

Editor: Susanne Hertenberger

With the steady growth of car ownership, our country is facing series of problems such as increasingly serious traffic congestion, road safety and environmental pollution, etc. Network-connected vehicle is one of the key technologies to solve the social problems above.

Network-connected vehicle
Network-connected vehicle

Network-connected vehicle is inexorable trend of global automobile industry development

With the rapid development of automobile electronics, network and information technology, network-connected vehicle has become the trend of automobile technology development and its technology will lead a new round of development for future vehicle. In recent years, many Internet giant and high-tech enterprise also started aiming at automobile industry, such as Google's self-driving car, Apple's iOS7 automotive version, Volvo’s "road train" and other technologies and products.

Network-connected vehicle's standard construction

It has been learnt from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on March 30 that, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has had a meeting with Qian Huikang, Global Executive Vice President of General Motors Corporation (USA) and President of China Branch, during which they have exchanged views on issues such as the development of the industry of new-energy vehicles and smart network-connected vehicles, as well as the cooperation between GM Corporation and China.

As Xin Guobin said, China's government has paid high attention to the development of the industry of new-energy vehicles and smart network-connected vehicles, and is actively promoting the construction of a long-term mechanism for new-energy vehicles' marketization development, as well as of smart network-connected vehicles' standard system, bearing a wish that transnational automobile enterprises such as GM Corporation can deeply participate in the development of China's new-energy vehicles and smart network-connected vehicles, thus to enhance their cooperation with China in terms of technology R&D, standard formulation and product development, and to jointly improve product safety as well as quality to meet customers' ever-increasing demands for green and smart travels.

As anticipated by professionals, along with the confirmation and establishment of various policies and standards, a gradual industrialization of China's smart network-connected vehicles can be expected, with its market scale anticipated to be RMB 100 billion by 2020.

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