Market Report China: Plastic Machinery Industry of 2015

Editor: Rosemarie Stahl

The manufacturing scale of plastic machinery industry in China in 2015 had 389 enterprises. The downward pressure of the industrial economy is increased, specifically entering the third quarter. The economic indicators, such as industrial export delivery value, main business income, and total profit are reduced greatly in stage.

Main Economic Indicators of Enterprises in the plastic machinery industry in 2015.
Main Economic Indicators of Enterprises in the plastic machinery industry in 2015.
(Source: State Statistics Bureau)

In aspects of import and export, according to the customs statistics, there were 18,091 import plastic machines in 2015, which was reduced by 17%. The import sum was around 1.52 bn USD and it was reduced by 23%. The average import price was reduced from 90,000 dollars/set to 80,000 dollars/set. There were 481,054 export plastic machines; the export amount was around 1.89 bn USD, which was increased by 109% and 3%. The average export unit price is 4,000 dollars/set and the cumulative surplus for the whole year was 370 mn USD.


From the product, there were 6,137 import injection machines in 2015. The import amount was around 660 mn USD, accounting for 34% and 43% of the total import plastic machine and total amount. The unit price of import plastic machine is 110,000 dollars/set.

There were 6,696 import 3D printers, accounting for 37% of the year-to-year import plastic machines. The amount was around 49.79 mn USD, accounting for 3.27% of the total amount of year-to-year import plastic machines and the import unit price is around USD 7,000.

There were 22,304 export injection machines: the export amount is around 980 mn USD, accounting for 4.64% and 51.84% of the total export of year-to-year plastic machine and total amount. The unit price of the export plastic machine was 44,000 dollars/set.

There were 160,424 export 3D printers, accounting for 33.35% of the year-to-year export plastic machines. The export amount is 42.91 mn USD, accounting for 2.27% of the total amount of year-to-year export plastic machine and the export unit price of 3D printer is around 300 USD.

There were 271,260 molding or forming machines, accounting for 56.39% of total export of year-to-year plastic machines. The amount is around 107 mn USD, accounting for 5.68% of the total export amount of plastic machine.

The export amount of 3D printer and other molding or forming machine is small, which lowers the average unit price of the whole export of plastic equipment. If eliminating the influence, there were 49,370 export injection machines, extruders, blowing machines, plastic hollow forming machines and plastic calendar forming machine in 2015. The export amount was around 1.74 bn USD. The average export unit price was 35,000 dollars/set; and the surplus was around 370 mn USD.

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