Market analysis China: Market overview of Internal Combustion Engine Industry in April 2019

Editor: Theresa Knell

According to the data from "China internal combustion engine industry sales monthly report" released by China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, in April 2019, the national sales volumes for internal combustion engines declined rapidly in April 2019, with the diesel engine down slightly year on year and the gasoline engine down significantly.

Internal Combustion Engine
Internal Combustion Engine

Due to the lack of concrete implementation of the economic policy at the beginning of the year, the relocation from the National-V standards to National-Ⅵ and the production capacity of National-Ⅵ has not been reached. The influences were not taken into account, the Chinese automobile market continued to decline and sales of gasoline engines were severely affected. The commercial vehicles and construction machinery had a better performance and developed well in the first quarter, but there was also a slight decline.

General sales overview

In April, the sales volume of internal combustion engine was 3.9349 million with a month on month 10.52 % decrease and a year on year 16.06 % decrease. The power reached 195.796 million kw with a month on month 18.06 % decrease and a year-on-year 14.37 % decrease.

National Internal Combustion Engine Sales Trend
National Internal Combustion Engine Sales Trend
(Source: China Industry News)

From January to April, the cumulative sales volume of internal combustion engine was 15.1442 million with year on year 16.85 % decline. The accumulated power reached 788.7876 million kw with year on year 11.21 % declinee.

Analyze by fuel type

In April, in the diesel and petrol categories, both the diesel engine and the petrol engine declined month by month, the diesel engine significantly. Compared with the same period of last year, diesel engine as well as gasoline engine decreased year on year. Compared with the previous month, the diesel engine decreased by 20.69 % and gasoline engine by 8.81 %; compared to the same period last year by 6.04 % and the petrol engine by 17.35 %. In April, 500,600 diesel engines and 3,434,100 gasoline internal combustion engines were sold.

From January to April, the cumulative sales of diesel engines amounted to 1,964,400 units, an increase of 2.06 % over the previous year, the cumulative sales of gasoline engines to 9,317,600 units, an year on year increase of 18.68 %.

Analyze by usage

In April, compared with last month, in the sub-market of main internal combustion engine all usage engines, except of Marine, power generation and motorcycle, showed a rapid decrease, with a decline range about 13 % ~ 23 %.

Specifically, the month on month growth rate of generator set was 32.14 % with 114,100 units sales volume and Marine month on month growth rate was 25.86 % with 3,500 units sales volume. While motorcycle month on month growth rate was 2.59 % with 1.4784 million units sales volume, the general machinery month on month decrease was 1.75 % with 34,300 units sales volume, the garden and agricultural machinery month on month decreased about 13 to 16 % with 179,400 units and 296,200 units sales separately. Last but not least passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and construction machinery decreased by about 19 to 23 % with 1.4762 million, 276,100 and 76,700 units sales volume separately.

From January to April, the total annual turnover is ranked in the downward trend. In particular: marine, commercial vehicles and construction machinery decreased year on year 1 % ~ 4 %. The year-on-year decline of construction machinery, passenger vehicles, general machinery and motorcycles was 11-17 %, of garden machinery 26.34 % and the largest year-on-year decline in the generatior unit with 46.44 %.

The accumulative total sales, also in the period from January to April, were as follows: passenger cars 6.0913 million units, commercial vehicle 1.0864 million units, engineering machinery 307,200 units, agricultural machinery 1.2368 million units, marine 9,700 units, generating set 343,200 units, garden machinery 735,200 units, motorcycle 5.218 million units and general machine with total sales of 116,400 units.

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