Market Survey China: Industrial robot sales volume rising

Editor: Lina Klass

It is predicted that the industrial robot sales volume of China's industrial robot market will reach up to 150,000 sets in 2018.

Prediction of sales volume of China industrial robot market
Prediction of sales volume of China industrial robot market
(Source: Prospective database consolidation)

In recent years the development of machines replacing humans in the domestic industrial field has progressed further. According to data of the International Federation of Robotics, the sales volume of Chinese robots in 2016 reached up to 87,000 sets, accounting for 29% of global sales volume. With this, China has become the sales champion of the global robot industry.


Review and outlook

Under the demand of a quick increase of the 3C field and economic “new normal” background, bankrupted traditional enterprises reduce expenditure and increase profit. Therefore the production and sale scale of industrial robot quickly increases and is comprehensively higher than those in the same period last year. Prospective database shows that 104,800 sets of sales volume have been achieved accumulatively in January - October 2017, with a year-on-year growth rate of 68.90%. The average sales volume in a single month is more than 10,000 sets.

An Analysis Report on Production and Sales Demand Prediction and Transformation Upgrading of Industrial Robot Industry issued by a prospective industry research institute points out that the demand on industrial robots in 2018 is predicted to see an inflection point with a growth rate of up to 34%. The forecast takes into account two aspects of demand growth in the downstream sector and macroeconomic planning of industrial modernisation, as well as the demand for industrial robots in China. It is predicted that the sales volume of industrial robots will reach up to about 150,000 sets in 2018.

Predicted sales volume of China’s industrial robot market

The current domestic robot market competition is still intense. Foreign brand enterprises have developed their robot market earlier in time and also early entered the domestic market. They have fully enjoyed benefits obtained from development of domestic robot market in recent years. Their output capability and production volume show a fast growth trend and they still account for main market shares in the domestic market. Meanwhile, through several years of development, domestic robot manufacturers have gradually risen. At present, they are quickly raising the production amount and have achieved independent research and development and market promotion on the aspect of partial core parts (servo motor and controller, etc.).

Moreover, advantages of domestic robot body manufacturing are gradually established. Product upgrading is conducted from mid-low end robot (such as Scara) to mid-high end robot (such as six axes, high precision and heavy load). Furthermore, domestic robot brands gradually consolidate their advantages on the aspects of market application and of system integration service and catch up with foreign brand and even surpass them. Given the fact that the industry is developing rapidly, the domestic brand promises a gradual advancement.

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