Market News China: CIMT2019 - Win The Smart Future Together

Editor: Theresa Knell

The 16th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT 2019) organized by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders‘ Association and co-organized by China International Exhibition Center Group, is held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) from April 15 to 20, 2019. Since its initiation in 1989, China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) has gone through 30 years of development with the pace of continuous opening and rapid development of China economy.

Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony

Looking back at the past year of 2018, it was a year of dramatic increased pressure and challenges for industry enterprises. China's automotive production and sales showed a negative annual growth for the first time in 28 years, coupled with the fluctuated change amid Sino-US trade frictions, not only brought more uncertainty to the machine tool and tool market, but also brought a direct impact on the investment and business confidence of machine tool enterprises.

In the new year, facing the uncertainties brought by the complex domestic and foreign economic environment and the severe challenge of downward fluctuation of the overall demand of machine tool and tool market since the second half of 2018, it is more important for enterprises to accurately grasp the future development direction for the industry. As a barometer of the market, CIMT2019 will also reflect the latest developments of the industry and market from one side.

The theme of this exhibition is "Win the Smart Future Together". This theme accurately and distinctly reflects the characteristics of the times of the market and industry development of China's machine tool and tool industry, and indicates the future development trend of the industry.

As a product of the deep integration of manufacturing industry and information technology, the concept of "intelligent manufacturing" comes into. With the maturity of digital technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chains and so on, the traditional competition mode of industry is undergoing profound changes. The development trend of deep integration of AI and advanced manufacturing technology has become the consensus of global manufacturing industry. As the main battlefield of intelligent manufacturing, the machine tool and tool industry is facing profound changes in all directions.

The exhibits can be summarized in the following five aspects:

  • 1. New product collection: Demonstrating innovative motivation

The innovations of these products are mainly embodied in the latest breakthroughs in the direction of high speed, high precision, compound, green and intelligent, including structural improvement, function expansion and improvement, performance improvement, pleasant operation, automation operation, expansion of functional software, energy saving, environmental protection and many other aspects.

2019 CIMT Theme
2019 CIMT Theme

  • 2. Customized products: Satisfying users’ personalized needs

In order to stand out in the fierce competition, focusing on the user service field, deeply ploughing user's production process needs, and providing customized products and system solutions to users have become an important means for enterprises to win more market share, so a number of excellent products and services have emerged.

  • 3. Intelligent technology: Tamping manufacturing foundation

Intelligent technology of machine tools will reach a level that traditional control technology has not achieved in terms of quality, efficiency and safety. These intelligent technologies take equipment function, control system and software, detection device and manufacturing process expert system as carriers becoming a new commanding point for enterprises to participate in market competition.

  • 4. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): Unicom world and future

Industrial Internet of Things is the application of the Internet of Things in the industrial field. It applies perception technology, communication technology, transmission technology, data processing technology and control technology to all stages of product design, manufacturing, ingredients, warehousing and after-sale. By realizing the digitalization, intellectualization and networking of production management and control to achieve the goal of improving manufacturing efficiency, improving product quality, reducing product cost and resource consumption, and ultimately to lift traditional industry to a new stage of intellectualization.

  • 5. Supplementary manufacturing: Innovative manufacturing model

Additional material manufacturing technology combines the advantages of high-tech of computer graphics processing, digital information and control, laser technology, electromechanical technology, material technology and so on. It can quickly produce parts with arbitrary complex shapes, solve the processing problems of some difficult-to-process materials and structural complex parts to shorten the manufacturing cycle, and has a good application prospect in aerospace and medical fields.

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Facing the complex and changeable external market environment, China's equipment manufacturing industry based on machine tool and tool industry has also received more and more attention. At the end of 2018, the Central Economic Work Conference took "Promoting the High-quality Development of Manufacturing Industry" as the priority task to be done in 2019, which reflected the great importance attached to the development of manufacturing industry at the national level. At the two sessions to be concluded, the current value-added tax rate of manufacturing industry will be reduced from 16 % to 13 %. These measures have strengthened the confidence and determination of the majority of machine tool industry enterprises to strive hard and revitalize the industry.

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