Siemens and Siasun Shall China: Bilateral Strategic Partnership and Mutually Facilitate the Digital Manufacturing Process

Editor: Lisa Saller, Lisa Saller

Both parties shall step into the digital manufacturing stage from the product level. The core digital enterprise software suite of Siemens shall be comprehensively applied in Siasun.

Representatives of SIEMENS and Saisun are signing the cooperation agreement on deepening the bilateral strategic partnership.
Representatives of SIEMENS and Saisun are signing the cooperation agreement on deepening the bilateral strategic partnership.
(Photo: MM China)

Siemens and Shenyang Siasun Robot & Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Siasun") reach an agreement that both parties shall establish the bilateral strategic partnership in the digital manufacturing field. In accordance with the agreement, Siemens shall give full support in business development of Siasun in the digital manufacturing field and provide Siasun with the latest automatic, electric and digital products together with relevant support, training and after-sales service. In the future, Siemens shall conduct comprehensive cooperation with Siasun and provide the digital enterprise software suite for Siasun, including product lifecycle management software (PLM), manufacturing execution system (MES) and totally integrated automation (TIA). The executive vice-president of Siemens Limited China and general manager of Digital Factory, Wang Haibin said that: "Relying on our lead-edge technologies and advanced experience in industrial digital field, Siemens is willing to cooperate with local enterprises such as Shenyang Siasun to mutually facilitate the digital process of China's industry."

Siemens and Siasun have begun to cooperate since the establishment of Siasun. At present, both parties have intensified in-depth cooperation in each subdivided automatic field. Totally integrated automation (TIA) solution of Siemens has been comprehensively applied in Siasun, for example, helping the manufacturing of auto parts for users in the auto industry and building advanced assembly line. The TIA solution of Siemens help Siasun save the programming and debugging time, improve the working efficiency of Siasun's engineers, guarantee the project delivery on schedule and lay a solid foundation for further expanding cooperation and developing towards digital manufacturing.

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