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‘Slovenia Day’ was one of the parallel events that were held at one of the most renowned exhibitions in the European region, Moulding Expo. The aim of the dedicated day was to create awareness about Slovenian tool and mould making companies as well as showcase their innovative solutions for the global industry.

‘Slovenia Day’ was all about meeting Slovenian industry leaders and celebrating innovation.
‘Slovenia Day’ was all about meeting Slovenian industry leaders and celebrating innovation.
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Situated in Central Europe, Slovenia is a small country bordered by Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. With Ljubljana as its capital city, the nation is known for its impressive caves and attractive waterfalls. Apart from the natural beauties, the country also has a thriving tool and mould making sector which makes it an industry participant of the European manufacturing industry.

Slovenia at Moulding Expo 2019

Slovenia occupied a special segment – ‘Slovenia Day’ in the parallel events zone at Moulding Expo, the International Trade Fair for Tool, Pattern and Mould Making in Germany. Held on May 21, 2019, the event exhibited impressive slogans of ‘I feel Slovania’ as well as revolved around the theme ‘Green, Creative, Smart’ at the show. “Moulding Expo is the most important industry event for Slovenian tool makers. It is a must-attend event, especially for the injection moulding sector in Europe,” said Dr. Aleš Hančič, Managing Director of Tecos, the Slovenian Tool and Die Development Centre.

Industry leaders celebrating innovation

Organised by public agency Spirit Slovenia and partnered by AHP International, Tecos and the General Consulate RS in München, the event was all about meeting Slovenian industry leaders and celebrating innovation.

For instance, a number of companies participated at this show including the firm DAG which produces some of the most demanding injection moulds for thermoplastics and complex products such as gears, micro-products and multi-component products; Kolektor Orodjarna which manufactures tools for injection moulding of thermosets and thermoplastic in the automotive industry, industry of household appliances, lines and machines, special equipment for production processes, development and realisation of automation and machine vision; Razvojni Center Orodjarstva Slovenije – Tecos is involved in the development of breakthrough technology-based self-adaptive household appliances, connecting simulations, machines and tools to optimise the production process of polymeric products, and pressure sensor for controlling the injection moulding process.

Some of the other Slovenian companies that participated at the show comprised Sofimax which produces industrial equipment and plastic injection moulds, sheet metal forming tools, casting tools, individual machine parts, 3D construction, milling, hardening, grinding, wire eroding, plasma and laser cutting, welding, etc; Grelci Maras, the firm manufactures heater elements for the industry; Orkoplast creates tools for transformation of sheet metal, injection of plastic and die casting; and Tehmetal undertakes tools or machines designing, production of final and intermediate products, based on the requirements expressed and with the help of CAD technology.

Together all these Slovanian companies showcased sustainable thinking, creative ideas, and above all smart innovations that aimed at transforming the future of the global tool and mould making industry.

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