New Profile Rolling Machine Better Profile Surface

Editor: Stéphane Itasse

Profiroll is presenting a compact and energy-efficient roll forming machine with an electromechanical drive train at the Metav 2018 in Düsseldorf.

Die Profilwalzmaschine PR 15 HP zeigt Profiroll auf der Metav 2018 in Düsseldorf.
Die Profilwalzmaschine PR 15 HP zeigt Profiroll auf der Metav 2018 in Düsseldorf.
(Bild: Profiroll)

This machine, type PR 15 HP, is equipped with portal handling and an alignment station for automated roller burnishing of screw profiles. Demand for roller burnishing of pre-worked profiles is growing due to the increasing requirements placed on surface quality, Profiroll reports. The surface qualities achievable with this process, with Rz < 1 µm, are the basis for the low-wear running and minimal noise emissions in the gears.


Smooth rolling machine, tools and method by Profiroll

According to the philosophy at Profiroll, it is preferable to obtain machine, tools and process from one supplier if one wishes to meet these requirements. Only the right interaction of machine technology and tool quality can give reproducible burnishing processes. It is therefore only logical that the tool itself has to be produced with a constant surface quality.

In addition, there will be a focus on the profile characteristics of the tools they make in Bad Düben. As a result, even tip relief and crowning can be realised in the profile of the workpiece during roller burnishing.

The machine displays many new features in the area of digitalisation and sensor technology as used in machine construction at Profiroll and bundled under the brandname E-Rolling. The tools use data matrix code, for example, in combination with the hardware and software on the machine, to simplify fast equipping and re-equipping of the machine technology.

Profiroll Technologies at the Metav 2018: Hall 16, Booth G33

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