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Held every two years, the show will exhibit a range of industrial automation solutions.
Held every two years, the show will exhibit a range of industrial automation solutions. (Source: Messe München)

The gigantic event will showcase the latest technologies and solutions in the field of smart automation. Industry players from all around the world are expected to attend this trade fair.

Automatica is one of the leading exhibitions for smart automation and robotics. Scheduled to be held from June 19 – 22, 2018 in Munich, Germany, the show will focus on optimising production by manufacturing high-quality products quicker and in a cost-efficient manner.

The main themes of Automatica’s four day event will revolve around digital transformation in manufacturing, digital networking on the road to the Internet of things and the efficient use of resources. Held every two years, the show will exhibit a range of industrial automation solutions including robotics, assembly solutions, machine vision systems and components for different types of industries such as the automotive, electronics, metal-working, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and many more under one roof.

Core sectors

Automatica will comprise of six main sectors including assembly and handling, machine vision, robotics, service robotics, It2 industry and smart maintenance.

Hannover Messe’s focus areas

Event preview

Hannover Messe’s focus areas

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Assembly and handling:

Assembly technology companies in this segment will showcase intelligent and innovative systems and components for assembling, joining, mounting and reshaping. Here, visitors can interact with the exhibitors to know the right solution and software for their complex production processes across diverse industries in order to achieve maximum productivity. This area will also include solutions for measuring, testing, dispensing and marking.

Machine vision:

The machine vision and inspection market is expected to reach 14.85 billion dollars by 2022, according to a report by Credence Research Inc. This shows the huge potential of this market. At Automatica, measuring systems for machine vision, components for machine vision, machine vision for specific applications and embedded vision systems will be displayed in this specialised area.

Future of the machine vision market

Market scenario

Future of the machine vision market

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When we speak about smart automation in an ‘Industry 4.0’ environment, robotics cannot be left behind. Robotics carry out the most tedious work with precision and also increase production in a shorter period of time. The show will exhibit different types of industrial robots based on their designs such as gantry robots, Scara robots, vertically articulated robots, articulated robots, parallel link robots, micro robots and special designs. In addition to this, numerous components for robot systems including jigs and fixtures, tool-changing systems, measurement systems, peripherals and many other elements will also be highlighted at the event.

Service robotics:

The service robotics market is expected to reach 23.90 billion dollars by 2022, at a CAGR of 15.18 % between 2016 and 2022, according to a report by market research company, Markets and Markets. In order to leverage this growing market, exhibitors at the service robotics section will hold live sessions to demonstrate their innovative technologies. In the last edition of Automatica, about 76 exhibitors from 19 countries showcased their innovations and this year the number is expected to increase.

It2 industry:

IT solutions are vital for factories of the future and this segment will feature just that. The latest innovations and solutions in the field of automated production will be demonstrated to the visitors at the fair.

Smart maintenance:

When dealing with smart factories, smart maintenance is required. Smart maintenance is implemented to achieve high level of safety, availability and profit in operation and maintenance of subsea production systems. This segment includes the framework for intelligent predictive maintenance, use of artificial intelligence for condition monitoring purposes and the progression of technologies for smart maintenance.

Global industry players are eyeing for the best technologies in the market to up their production lines with greater efficiency. In such a scenario, Automatica will be witnessing heavy footfalls and attracting business opportunities in large numbers.

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