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Milling a steering knuckle using the DSA system. (Horn)

0 to 100 km/h in under 4 s

By using tools from Horn, the mechanics department of Team Raceyard at Kiel Technical University could solve even tricky machining tasks. As participants in Formula Student, they have built a high performance electric racing car.

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The C series, with horizontal, vertical and angled turning functionality is interesting for increasingly small batch sizes combined with greater part variation, even without a pallet changer.  (Heller)
Complete processing

Investing in the Future

Ever-smaller batch sizes, combined with shorter product cycles and increasing component complexity, today necessitate continuous tightening-up of the production process. For this reason, numerous firms have now decided on complete processing in one clamping.

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With 30,000 units sold in over 40 countries, the OS-Centre lathe has become one of Okuma's most successful products.  (Okuma)
Company profile

Okuma: It all started with noodles

It was in the Japanese city of Nagoya that Eichii Okuma founded his company in 1898. Unlike their modern counterparts, the early Okuma machines were not built to meet the requirements of the aviation or automotive industries. Instead, the first Okuma products were machines for making udon noodles.

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