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With the viewpoint paper on Industry Workplace 2025, researchers at the WGP have used a new model to assess current and anticipated technological developments in industrial automation and deduce necessary responses on the part of firms and society. (IWF Berlin)
Industrial workplace 2025

Industry 4.0 – What happens to the humans?

Prof. Peter Groche, leader of the Institute for Production Technology and Forming Machines (PtU) at Darmstadt TU, is certain that “the move towards autonomous production is a holistic challenge for society”. The Institute is a member of the Scientific Society for Production Technology (WGP), which this summer will publish its viewpoint paper on Industry Workplace 2025.

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With Arims mobile, users in production and assembly as well as in purchase and management have an immediate overview of all articles and deliveries in their Bossard logistics systems. (Bossard)
Industrie 4.0

Digitisation of Sheet-Metal Logistics

Sheet-metal processing firms are facing competitive pressure and increasingly customer-specific mass production. Industry 4.0 is an obvious means of optimising processes, but is no cure-all. Medium-sized businesses should be taking steps to become familiar with this topic. Fast and proven results can be achieved by, for example, digitisation in the logistics of B- and C-parts.

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