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Instead of Copa-Data, now ABB is in contact with its zenon customers. How does ABB integrate the software into their service offering?

Wierod: We treat ABB zenon like an ABB product. Therefore, we assume full responsibility for support and the entire life cycle service. In this way, we are involved in the product life cycle - from product introduction to the active phase and subsequent support. This also means that there will be an annual regular update and several small-scale updates or language packages. Customers with a service agreement will receive these updates free of charge. This procedure is similar to that for many other ABB products, too.

Punzenberger: Of course, we will continue to support our own zenon customers actively. On demand, we will provide ABB with full, integrated factory support. For example, if there are questions about the software that only Copa-Data staff can answer.

Do Copa-Data have their own data analysts or will customers receive information what data are important or significant from ABB?

Wierod: In the complex world we are talking about, nobody knows everything. We will need application specialists at the machine builder and operator, experts for data management and visualization and experts for components and devices. For us at ABB this means, we supply the know-how for the drivetrain and its monitoring and optimization. How production data will be evaluated and the information be used finally depends on the individual case and therefore on the customer. Regarding the drivetrain, however, we would like to be the preferred partner from design and monitoring all the way to service.

Punzenberger: We can provide KPIs, but for drive details ABB is the expert. There they know exactly how this drive should be operated, what maintenance it requires and what consequences an incident may have.

Has ABB gained own experience with zenon?

Wierod: ABB already has a lot of experience with zenon from automotive projects as well as projects in machine building and renewable energies. There is a pilot project running in an ABB factory in Germany, in which one production line with lot size one is being implemented. Currently introduction into other areas is underway. We are in the process of introducing zenon into our drives production at a global scale.

How will Copa-Data develop the zenon software in the next years? In cooperation with ABB?

Punzenberger: We have a clear vision and we synchronize this vision also with ABB. The vision is clearly to receive a data analysis package to be able to offer all possibilities: record field data from machines and energy data, carry out condition monitoring and then do further computer-based analyzis on it. For high-end computation, data will be sent to the cloud and the results be returned to the field and displayed to the customer so that he has an overview of his production. A big part of the application will be predictive analytics – i.e. information will be forwarded before something happens.

The interview was conducted by Stefanie Michel, editor drive engineering at MM Maschinenmarkt

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