ABB cooperates with Copa-Data Another step towards networked production

Author Stefanie Michel

As a framework for automation projects, ABB’s Automation Builder enables the configuration, programming and troubleshooting of machines and installations - first virtually and then in reality. In order to make data analyticsoptimization of real installations possible, ABB now cooperates with Copa-Data.

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Morten Wierod of ABB and Thomas Punzenberger of Copa-Data (from left) are partners now: the Copa-Data software zenon is now available in the ABB product portfolio.
Morten Wierod of ABB and Thomas Punzenberger of Copa-Data (from left) are partners now: the Copa-Data software zenon is now available in the ABB product portfolio.
(Photo: Luca Siermann)

Last year ABB included the independent operations data management software zenon by Copa-Data into their portfolio under the name ABB zenon. The software is intended to expand networking, machine-to-machine connectivity, data acquisition and visualization options for machine builders. MM Maschinenmarkt talked to Morten Wierod, Head of BU Drives at ABB, and Thomas Punzenberger, CEO of Copa-Data, about the opportunities this cooperation offers users and how zenon will develop further in future.

ABB now offers the Scada software zenon within their own portfolio. What were the reasons for this decision?

Wierod: We regard zenon as an operations data management software the customer can use as data collector and IoT connectivity for our drives, but also for his machine controller. The high level of connectivity strengthens our position in machine building. It is a very important market for ABB - especially for our drives and motors business. In this field, we see that customers increasingly require solutions, not just components. They also request monitoring of the whole powertrain – that means the whole process. We believe that the zenon software is really the right tool to collect data from the most diverse sources, do the visualization and provide our customers with a complete overview of their process in a simple way.

ABB already has a simulation tool for automation – the Automation Builder. How do Automation Builder and zenon interact?

Wierod: Zenon and Automation Builder are seamlessly integrated in terms of engineering. Both software tools use the same database. The Automation Builder is used for automation and zenon for visualization and monitoring. With these two tools, you can cover the complete engineering process. Moreover, zenon can import tags online from most kinds of PLC and of course also from our PLC AC500. The new technology of virtual devices we presented also enables the configuration of a virtual system, against which zenon can be tested.

Punzenberger: Using the combination of Automation Builder and zenon allows you to prepare commissioning perfectly. The integration of both products and usage of a common database saves time, increases the quality and avoids errors during the engineering process. That's a huge advantage.

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