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AMB 2016: Tools for cost-effective machining

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Indexable insert reaming: Simplified index exchange

Indexable insert technology has revolutionised reaming with multiple cutting edge reamers and has set new standards in terms of cost efficiency and functionality. The KOMET GROUP has now successfully developed new high-precision indexable insert reaming tools that are even easier to operate. In previous tools, each insert was assigned a specific insert seat identified by the letters A, B, C, etc., but this positioning has now become redundant. Users can fit the indexable inserts into the new KOMET® indexable insert reaming tool in any order – making errors virtually impossible and reducing the logistical effort required.

Increase in performance with diamond cutting materials

As already mentioned with milling, the KOMET GROUP is focussing on developing tools with ultra-hard cutting materials. One example of this is the expansion of the range of ISO indexable inserts with diamond cutting edges to a total of more than 900 items. In addition to KOMET® PCD products, CVD thick film diamond-tipped inserts can now also be supplied. All variants are manufactured using the latest production technology, such as laser machining and high-vacuum soldering, which results in high-quality cutting edges and variable geometries as well as improved cutting results and longer tool life.

Facing head with direct position measuring system

Mechatronic tools such as precision adjustment heads, facing heads and the KomTronic® U-axis systems, available in several variants, are one of the specialities of the KOMET GROUP. A patented direct encoder has been available as an optional extra for U-axes and the purely mechanical KomDrive facing heads for two years. In order to enable encoding to take place directly on the slider, the encoder also takes disturbance variables of mechanical elements into account, such as the drive element tolerances, the temperature range and wear. The control system can respond to the measurement data immediately, providing accuracy to +/- 3 µm and thereby enabling outstanding machining quality to be achieved.

Tool and process expertise from a single source

KOMET BRINKHAUS GmbH has been part of the KOMET GROUP for more than three years. As a result of the interaction between tool experts and process monitoring specialists, it has been possible to further develop the ToolScope process monitoring system into an integrated assistance system in terms of Industry 4.0. It monitors the internal signals from the machine, detects events such as tool changes or machine stoppage and is able to calculate parameters and deduce trends. At AMB 2016, KOMET® is demonstrating how easy ToolScope is to use: Customers can select the solutions they require from the broad range of applications – from tool monitoring to an automatic tool change log through to adaptive feed control – and license them individually. Operation of the system has also become more flexible: Users can now view and operate their custom assistance system on mobile terminals such as tablets and smartphones.