Komet Group AMB 2016: Tools for cost-effective machining

Editor: Susanne Hertenberger

Machining tools are becoming increasingly efficient. This is what the KOMET GROUP is demonstrating at AMB 2016, where the precision tools manufacturer is presenting numerous innovations under the trade fair slogan "TOTAL PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTIONS".

Komet Group at AMB, 13 - 17 September 2016, hall 1, stand B12
Komet Group at AMB, 13 - 17 September 2016, hall 1, stand B12
(Bild: Komet)

Highlights include the growing range of milling tools that can also be used in generative manufacturing processes, as well as a completely new indexable insert reaming tool and unique expansions of the KOMET KUB Pentron® drill. Other attractions include the numerous innovations in mechatronic tools and ultra-hard cutting tool materials as well as the KOMET® ToolScope assistance system, which bridges the gap from machining to Industry 4.0.

Renowned as a leading innovator in high-precision drilling, reaming and threading, the KOMET GROUP presented a significantly expanded range of milling cutters just last year that transformed the tool manufacturer into a single-source supplier. Alongside the KOMET® solid carbide milling cutters for all requirements in the diameter range of 3.0 to 25.0 mm, the KOMET® indexable insert milling cutters have primarily been subject to further improvements.

The cutter holders in the completely redesigned KOMET® PCD milling cutters are manufactured using the generative process of laser melting, which means that these new tools can offer feed rates up to 50% higher than before. 3D printing enables up to twice as many cutting edges to be created – regardless of diameter. KOMET® is also utilising the structural flexibility provided by the additive manufacturing process to create a perfect design for the course of the coolant channels inside these milling cutters. Curved channel routes now reduce pressure loss in the coolant and are positioned precisely in such a way that every cutting edge is supplied with coolant from a separate channel.

Aside from the new production process, KOMET® is also expanding its milling range with new designs, such as the KOMET® hi.aeQ 45° face-milling cutter, which has a feed rate of up to 40% higher than a shoulder milling cutter. KOMET® is also launching new PCD milling and thread milling tools to standard versions that can be particularly productive when used in applications involving lightweight construction materials.

Dimensionally accurate – even for large drilling depths

For years, the KOMET KUB Pentron® solid drill has stood for precise drilling under extreme conditions. This tool was previously only available in the 4×D and 5×D length/diameter ratios, but the Besigheim tool specialists have now also developed 2×D and 3×D versions so that the high-performance indexable insert drill can be used in an even more versatile manner. The CS (Custom Solution) variant has drawn particular attention with its diameter/length ratio of 6×D. As a result, the KOMET KUB Pentron® CS, which has been optimised for Key Account and industry segment requirements, does without guide elements and is extremely competitive compared to its guided counterparts on the basis of its performance data.